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Short Term US Treasury Yield 4.7% In 8.4 Months Thumbnail

Short Term US Treasury Yield 4.7% In 8.4 Months

We are in a higher inflation and higher interest rate environment. Many investors are looking for higher yielding and safe investment opportunities for their cash on the sidelines. We wanted to to highlight the major differences between short-term US Treasury bonds and CDs. We offer a range of US Treasury options, with a focus on short-term Treasuries to take advantage of the current high interest rate environment.

We have created a ladder of 5 different short-term durations, allowing for both liquidity and earning interest. The current yield to maturity is 4.7% with a maturity of 0.7 years (8.4 months) and a minimum investment amount of $25,000. Additionally, our platform fees are low at just 0.2%. Applications can be completed using DocuSign and funding can be established via ACH from a bank account. Click the link for details. Bond Strategies Yield The yield curve has inverted for a high rate in the short term, making this a limited opportunity. It's crucial to take advantage of it while it lasts.

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